Consultation and Design

The overall design and style of your custom cabinets reflects not only your personality but greatly enhances the overall feel of your home. During the initial design stages, our representative will work together with you to determine your cabinet and door style, wood selection, finish type and accessories. During this process we encourage you to keep an idea folder containing pictures, drawings, and any other inspirations that will help assist you in the design process. This will be useful in understanding your style and general preferences. You will need to provide a CAD Design fee to move forward with the process.

CAD Layout:

Typically, your first set of production drawings will take a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks. These sketches will be used to produce the CAD drawings required to produce your cabinets. Our design and layout team will produce CAD production drawings modified to the field measurements taken from your house. After approval, these drawings will be used in the shop to construct your cabinets. It is vital that you respond to questions from the layout team in a timely manner or your delivery and production dates may be affected.

Confirmation/Ordering Your Cabinets

After your custom design is complete and you are ready to order, you will be required to endorse a written agreement as well as place a 50% deposit for the purchase of your cabinets.

Additionally you will need to provide the following information during the confirmation process.

  • Endorsed Agreement

  • Deposit

  • Desired Delivery Date

  • Appliances- Manufacturer & model numbers

  • Sinks-Manufacturer & model numbers

  • All accessory selections

*Delivery and production dates may be affected by changes made after final approval

Field Measure:

Once the final framing configuration is in place, our representative will come to your home for an exact measurement. This will ensure the accurate calculations and dimensions needed for proper installation.

Final Approval:

Final CAD drawings will be reviewed and changed if needed. Any changes to these drawings must be made before your cabinets go into production. After final approval, expect your cabinets to be delivered 2-4 weeks from your last revision. Once your custom cabinet order is processed, any changes made during production will result in additional cost and a delayed delivery date.

Building your Cabinets:

After final approval, CAD drawings and sketches are sent into the shop for production. The manufacturing and assembly process usually takes only a few weeks to complete. After this time, your custom cabinets will be ready for delivery.


At delivery time, our representative will contact you to confirm a delivery date and time. After arrangements have been made, to ensure secure delivery and handling, our delivery team will carefully package and transport your cabinets using our own trucks. Upon delivery you will be required to pay the remaining 50% of the balance before installation. Installation will be a 1-2 day process including installation of cabinets, trim, and hardware. Upon completion a final inspection will take place in order to insure 100% complete satisfaction.

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